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Wintergreen Ski Patrol

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the Wintergreen Ski Patrol.

Why should I join the Wintergreen Ski Patrol?
Well, to start with it is a very rewarding activity. You will be part of a close team of ski patrollers that work hard together, have a strong desire to help others, make it a safe and fun environment and all love to talk about skiing!

  • Community Service
  • Working Outdoors
  • Camaraderie
  • Medical/Rescue Training
  • Leadership
  • Skill Advancement

What does Wintergreen Ski Patrol do?
In general, the Wintergreen Ski Patrol, like the National Ski Patrol, is primarily about safety, promoting safe skiing, and providing rescue and emergency care for our guests at Wintergreen. The patrol also works with the resort area staff to provide any necessary service to Wintergreen's guests to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Since we are all ambassadors of both our sport and our resort, Wintergreen Ski Patrol works to provide a friendly, helpful, and safe atmosphere for resort guests.


  • Control hazards
  • Maintain trails
  • Provide Medical Care/Rescue
  • Provide a positive experience for all guests
  • Work in cold/challenging environments

What is involved in becoming a Wintergreen Ski Patroller?
Candidate Program:

  • Enroll in the Outdoor Emergency Care course which begins in late August and ends in early November with classes held every other weekend (Saturdays and Sundays).
  • Attend all classes for the course then pass a written and practical exam to become certified as an OEC Technician.
  • If you are already an EMT or higher, you may challenge the course. Challenge candidates are only required to attend six on-site training weekends.

On The Hill Training:

  • After successfully completing the OEC course, attend all classes for On the Hill training which typically happens the first 3 weekend of December (Saturdays and Sundays).
  • Train and test on scenarios directly on the slopes and experience inclines and other challenges.

At this point, you are now a Wintergreen Ski Patroller. You are fully qualified to participate in all aspects of patrolling except handling a toboggan. You can work as a patroller and/or begin ski, snowboard, and toboggan training.

Ski/Snowboard & Toboggan Training:

  • Ski/Snowboard and toboggan (S&T) training by PSIA/AASI ski patrol instructors starts the weekend following Christmas. The time to progress to patrol level skiing and toboggan handling varies by candidate.
  • Training allows patrollers to develop advanced skiing/snowboarding skills and safety awareness.
  • Limited S&T training is available midweek if you make prior arrangements.
  • Upon successful completion of this training, candidates will be awarded Basic Patroller status, signifying competence in skiing/snowboarding and toboggan handling on all slopes at their home area.

What other benefits are there to joining the Patrol?
Ski patrollers who remain in Good Standing earn the right to ski on their days off. This benefit is not “free”, you work hard and earn the right to ski! Once you are on the patrol you will generally find more "ins" with the skiing community, which means you have a better chance of finding good deals on skis equipment, clothing, lift passes, etc.

Can I Get An Idea Of What Patrolling Is Like Before I Sign Up?
Ski with Patroller Day:
We offer a "Come Ski with Patrol Day" every season. We give preference to individuals who have attended the "Come Ski with Patrol Day" session when it comes time to allocate slots in the candidate program. This event occurs mid-February and is held on a Saturday. All participants will shadow a patroller for the day. That patroller will demonstrate some of the training drills we do. All participants may attend a scene on the slopes regarding a guest with their patroller, shadow a patroller in our aid room and will assist a patroller with our open, close duties. This is NOT a tryout, and no one is required to demonstrate their skill level. If you CHOOSE to try any of the drills we demonstrate, it is strictly by your own choice.


Recruiting Officer: Matt Dodge
Patrol Rep: Bill Mead

Applications for the 2024-2025 season will be accepted until July 7th, 2024

Click here to start your application to join the Wintergreen Ski Patrol for the 2024-2025 season.