About Wintergreen Ski Patrol

Wintergreen Ski Patrol was formed in 1975 to facilitate the need for people trained in first aid to serve the growing number of skiers at Wintergreen Resort.

The Patrol is primarily responsible for the rescue and emergency care of customers, employees, and visitors to Wintergreen. The Patrol also seeks to promote safe recreation practices in the mountain environment. The Patrol works with area staff to control hazards, maintain trails, and to provide any necessary service to Wintergreen's guests, to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

The Patrol is home to four past Southern Division Directors, a Southern Division Representative to the National Board, a National Safety Team representative, and the following positions for the Southern Division: Medical Advisor, Outdoor Emergency Care (OEC) Supervisor, Virginia Region Director, Awards Coordinator, Election Coordinator, Web Site/Internet Supervisor, Assistant Professional Division Director, Snowsports School - Skills Supervisor and the Senior Program Supervisor, Young Adult Program Supervisor, multiple committee members, Virginia Senior OEC Coordinator, and Virginia Transportation Administrator.

Wintergreen Ski Patrol has a strong medical core. All patrollers at Wintergreen are members of the National Ski Patrol, and are certified as Outdoor Emergency Care Technicians, a BLS level of training based on the standard EMT curriculum, with an emphasis on care in the skiing environment.

Approximately one-third of Wintergreen patrollers are OEC instructors. Due to the Patrol's emphasis on testing and training, Wintergreen patrollers frequently assist in clinics and testing at other areas.

In addition to their emergency care skills, patrollers are well versed in various special rescue techniques, including toboggan handling, chairlift evacuation, and technical rope rescues. Skilled alpine, snowboard, and telemark patrollers all are able to perform the duties of a patroller, and all types of equipment are represented on the Wintergreen Ski Patrol.

Virginia Region
Southern Division
National Ski Patrol

157 active patrollers

11 Certified Patrollers
43 Senior Patrollers
17 National Appointments
9 Young Adults

Southern Division
8 Division Supervisors
3 Region Supervisors

5 National Representatives